Eric Mitchell: the loss of a great inspirational figure from our branch

Sunday 15th Sept 2013: It was with great sadness that we learned the news of the death this morning of our Honoree President Mr Eric Mitchell and we offer our sympathies to Helga and the rest of Eric’s extended family in this their time of grief.

Eric was a quiet humorous man always on hand with his grey paolo soprani accordion who would give leadership when necessary during our many sessions and concerts, be it if called upon devising and preparing a clever playlist that suited the maximum amount of musicians on hand or the driving force in many the session set. He was always positive and a very constructive participant in the Comhaltas meetings and rehearsals which he attended. For the lesser experienced musicians including myself he was a great source of encouragement and would go out of his way to help where ever he could, be it in a session where you are struggling through a tune you had led, such was his knowledge of the music it would be hard to find a tune that he was not familiar with and so it was a comfort to know that he would be playing along in the wings giving you a dig out. Eric’s recent health problems would have gotten the better of many of us and we would have easily used it as an excuse to lie under but not this man as many the time he would turn up towing his button accordion on a trolly such was his enthusiasm and his determination not to let anybody down, his life should be an inspiration to us all.



It has been an honor to have known you Eric and our lives have been so enriched by that experience, may you rest in peace.

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