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September - 22 - 2018


Rahan Comhaltas Hunts the Wren!




Prepare to be entertained as we take you on a musical journey with a couple of laughs thrown in for good measure!

November - 22 - 2017


Set dancing lessons



November - 7 - 2017


Set dancing lessons


September - 14 - 2017


Culture night 2017




Charleville Castle and Rahan CCE

to host

Rambling house sessions




A great night planned in a terrific venue which is right on our door step, our castle. So step inside the great ballroom where you will find a nice warm fire and be entrawled with tall tales where the rule of the day being “never let the truth get in the way of a good story”, throw a few songs into the mix and of course some lively music, sure a dead mans feet would be twitching for a bit of a dance and dance we surly will!. Then to finish things off what about a cup of tea and something tasty.

We are very lucky to have so many great characters here in the midlands who would have you in stitches with their tales of misadventure and the like and then at the drop of a hat a song is delivered from one of the many talented singers that live amongst us. The line between performers and the audience will be blurred somewhat as remember this is a rambling house and spontaneity is the rule, so switch off the TV, jump up from the couch and head on in to Charlivelle castle for some real live entertainment which you can be part of rather than spectate via a glass screen.   

Friday, September 22nd – craic starts 8:30pm


There is a welcome on the mat!



Further information contact Mike on 086 3883156


August - 9 - 2017


Offaly Fleadh 2017 events


Tubber CCE would like to invite Rahan CCÉ Junior Musicians to take part in the Junior Session on Sunday evening next 23rd April at 6pm to 8pm in Tubber Community hall and any of the events that we have running over the next few weekends
Hope Rahan CCÉ are looking forward the Fleadh and that all have an enjoyable time. 
Kate Hiney
April - 18 - 2017


Offaly Fleadh 2017

Best of Luck to all our members and friends taking part in the Offaly fleadh

Download (PDF, 70KB)

April - 18 - 2017


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