The Legend That Was Joe

On June 19th my phone, it did ring
To convey to me the most terrible thing:
The Lord the Almighty with 1 wave of his Hand,
Took from our midst the great Joe Monahan.

A non drinker, non smoker and great lover of life,
Married to Ita – what a wonderful wife.
Blessed with 2 lovely daughters Karen and Elaine
Despite being dealt a cruel blow, they never complained.

A Brilliant MC who was at home on the stage
Be it concert or Fundraiser with the crowds could engage.
Born in Derrycooley in a place they call Rahan,
Joe kept goals for his club and never got rattled.

A great lover of Scor all down through the years
At the all Ireland Finals, just how he would cheer.
Be it juniors or seniors he could not shut up,
Told tales of how Shamrocks, they brought home 5 Cups.

A very keen Golfer with his Esker Hills Club,
Shure once he made Captain, he’d longer be a sub.
He often spoke of Holes in 1 or Birdies or Eagles I’d say,
But he never mentioned a Bogey, shure that was for drawing home hay.

Building was his Business
In his favourite silver van
As for your leaking roof Mrs –
I’ll fix it when I can!

To the Mighty Rahan Comhaltas,
Shure he was our favourite Son
He enthralled the crowds from Tullamore
To a place called Kingdom Come.

Joe often went with the Wren Boys
And the Mummers too,
He might dress up as Santa Claus
And tell a yarn or two.

The All Ireland Fleadhs in Tullamore
Were No. 1 for me
And when Joe took to the Gig Rig
The crowd they danced with glee.

His finest moment on that famed Gig Rig
When the Band failed to appear
Joe told yarns for ¾ of an hour
To an almighty cheer.

When the Band Winners did appear,
They being very slow,
Were amazed to have to wait in a Q
Shure the Crowd just wanted Joe!

In Mucklagh Church on that sad June day,
What beautiful music the Musicians did play.
The Crowds came from all over our land
To bid farewell to a Wonderful Man

I could go on for hours like this
Or talk and talk till sore
But to take a leaf from Joe’s own Book
Always leave them wanting more.


Shay Bracken, July 19th 2012 

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