Set Dancing Spooky Halloween Party

Last Thursday 30th October, the GAA club in Rahan was inhabited with all sorts of creatures and characters from witches, werewolves, outlaws to pumpkins, you name it and it was probably there and all under the spell of the wicked witch Norah from Killoughy. The floor was full all night and our Bonny was constantly shedding feathers, sur you would swear we were in the middle of a pillow fight and yer man John or Sir Lancelott thinks that he is a star. Bernie Foran started to sing about hard times and you know she is getting it hard alright shur there wasn’t a pick on her not to mention poor auld Vinny bones. Mary flew in on here broom, cobwebs everywhere there was, and of course John Gaffey got the smell of blood and nobody was safe. Anyway the night came to a peaceful end when the tea and buns appeared, that civilized the lot of them I’ll tell you!. 


Billy and Connie AKA Bonny and Clyde


I told you Mary,  nobody would notice the spot!


Martin Nugent telling a few clean jokes (where is the box of OMO)


I know what “hair growing on the palm of your hand” means but this is ridiculous ?


There’s our Norah and she found herself a bag of bones, Larry I’d say ye will be having soup for a good while to come


John I hope you left the horse outside!


Its the way you tell em Gerry


 Team photo time

Set dancing classes are running each Thursday night from 9PM in the GAA rooms, Tullabeg. You should come along and give it a go!

By the way Norah is not wicked, she is an auld softy really 🙂

Set dancing classes

Resume in the GAA rooms, Tullabeg on the 11th of September at 9pm

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